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The simplest way to experience what our friendly club is all about is to sign up and get involved. We have Z-Car lovers from all walks of life with a multitude of interests. Our members are proud owners of show cars, race cars, garage queens and every-day drivers. We own vintage 240Z's, show-room 280ZX's, polished Z31's and race-ready Z32's - not to mention the already classic 350 and 370 Zs, Infiniti G Series vehicles and classic Datsun Roadsters.

Our club is a non-profit organization providing access to technical, restoration, performance and maintenance information along with a tremendous Sponsor Program. A number of auto-related businesses have been admitted to this program - businesses who offer specialized services and products at discounted rates. These sponsors can provide everything you might need for your restoration project or for your routine maintenance needs.

Our basic plan is to have an organized event each month - a road rally; a picnic; a racing event, or just a simple get-together over dinner and a beverage. Since 2000 we have been creating memories, laughs and even heartaches from our lively gatherings. Our current President, Dan McConnell, and all of our Directors are totally dedicated to maintaining a wholesome, friendly and safe atmosphere for our members and our guests. Check it out and take part.

Welcome to the Heart of America.


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